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BioPoly™️ Stone: as durable as plastic, as environmentally friendly as paper.

Our BioPoly™ Stone Are Safe For Babies The only FDA-certified & BPA-Free Material for Card Making

What is BioPoly™ Stone BioPoly™ Stone is a natural and environmentally friendly material whose main component is calcium carbonate.


Elongation at Break has reduced by more than 500% after testing, which shows the material is becoming paper-like after UV degradation.


Why Choose BioPoly™ Stone for Card Making?

Baby-Safe Material

FDA-Certified & BPA-Free, absolutely safe for human body.

Act Like PVC

Waterproof and oil-proof, it’s acting just like PVC cards.

Better than PVC

Safe to use in low-temperature environments due to its flexibility.


The residue of BioPoly™ Stone is harmless to the environment.


Relative lifespan of PVC cards without exposure to direct sunlight.

BioPoly™ Stone Applications

Hotel Key Cards

Access Control

Public Transportation

Printing and Customization Services Limited Options But The Best Fit

86*54*0.65 mm, thinner and more flexible. Crafts: Foil Stamp | Metallic Gold & Silver | Laser or UV Numbering | Gold or Silver Sprinkle

biopoly crafts


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