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Securing 2000+ Hotels Worldwide: Discover the Best in RFID Technology

Printing and Customization Services Transform your ideas into reality with our printing services. We accommodate all your design needs, ensuring your key cards distinctly represent your brand's identity

Mutiple Material Selection

Explore a range of materials like PVC, paper, PET, ABS, BioPoly™ Vinyl, BioPoly™ Stone, and wood, each with unique characteristics to suit your card needs.

Innovative Techniques

Elevate your cards with cutting-edge techniques such as gold/silver sprinkles, gold/silver foil, spot UV, etc., ensuring they stand out with sophistication.

Personalized Service

Unlock your vision with our personalized design service. From sleek modern styles to timeless classics, we collaborate closely with you to craft RFID hotel cards that marry functionality with captivating aesthetics.

Sustainable Choices: Eco-Conscious Hotel Cards Explore our extensive selection of eco-friendly hotel key cards, designed to meet leading recycling standards and suit various needs.

biopoly Vinyl key card

BioPoly™ Vinyl Key Cards

A biodegradable alternative to PVC, reduces environmental impact, can be biodegraded in landfill conditions within 3 years.

biopoly Stone key card

BioPoly™ Stone Key Cards

Crafted from 100% natural materials, FDA-certified, these cards help minimize the consumption of energy.

wooden key card pic

FSC Certified Wooden Key Cards

Sourced from responsibly managed forests, these wooden key cards are FSC-certified, ensuring sustainable forestry practices.

Compatibility with Hotel Lodging Systems Seamless Compatibility with Leading Hotel Lock Systems.

Don't know which RFID hotel card is working on your site? Check for recommendations from our experts.

Don't know which lock you are using? We're here to help.

Why Choose Us

Cut Costs, Prioritize Your Needs: Direct from Our Factory

We take control of every step of our production

Significant cost savings compared to competitors who rely on outsourced manufacturing.

Prioritized service: your orders receive priority attention, guaranteeing timely completion.

Direct Manufacturer

Trusted by Leading Hotel Chains

Loyalty partner of Marriott, Hilton, and IHG

10-year industry experience and reputation: we’ve been setting up long-term partnership with hospitality giants

Strict Quality Controls: the highest standard throughout the industry.

Happy After-Sales Service: The re-ordering rate reaches 90%.

We prioritize your guests' safety and the environment

Security: Your guests’ information remains secure, meeting industry standards for data protection.

Non-Toxic Materials: We use only safe materials, free of harmful chemicals.

Eco-friendly Optional: Our cards are produced with a commitment to environmental responsibility.

Industry-Compliant Certifications RoHS | REACH | FDA | FSC | WEEE

How To Place An Order

In-Stock Blank Key Cards Order Today, Ship Tomorrow.

Ready to Ship In-stock key cards compatible with a variety of lodging systems.

instock key card Online Order process

We Can Help With Your Design Benefit from Our Team's 10 Years of Key Card Design Knowledge.

custom hotel key cards order process

Custom Pre-Printed Key Card Hassle-Free Purchasing Experience


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