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ISO/IEC 14443-A

Mifare®Desfire® RFID Tag

Mifare®Desfire® RFID Tag

Desfire®EV3 &


Desfire® series are highly secured microcontroller-based ICs for RFID label and tag solution.

RFID type tags based on ISO/IEC 14443-A specifications. 

Desfire® series tag complies with the NFC Forum Tag Type 4 standard. Easily to engage your target customer via IoT device.

RFIDCard™ provides the comprehensive and cost-effective NFC solution. Contact us today. 

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Competitive & comprehensive

We have the most complete RFID IC storage with enhanced production facilities. Our ability of large purchases is the basis for being able to provide a competitive price.

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Are you looking for the right type of RFID tag? Or needing a solution to integrate customized RFID into your product or current system? Feel free to contact us today and one of our sales engineers will reach you to assist. 

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Worldwide shipping. 1-3 working days sample delivery for North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific.

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Our warehouse will be temporarily closed due to local public holidays from 29th Sep to 6th Oct. Any orders placed after 27th Sep will be dispatched on 7th Oct.