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BioPoly™️ Vinyl: a bio-degradable PVC that can be 100% degraded within 3 years

What is BioPoly™ Vinyl Discover the Eco-Friendly Magic Behind BioPoly™ Vinyl

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BioPoly™ Vinyl is a biodegradable PVC that incorporates bio-based additives or components derived from renewable sources. The composition of BioPoly™ Vinyl includes PVC, a desiccant, and a metal salt as an active substance. The metal salt used is legal and serves as an essential trace element in the human diet, ensuring the safety and eco-friendliness of BioPoly™ Vinyl. 

BioPoly™ Vinyl is designed to biodegrade more readily than traditional PVC, offering a reduced environmental impact. It has undergone testing by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM D3826 and ASTM D5208-1) and has been proven that it can be fully degraded within 3 years. It is now widely used in various applications as an alternative to PVC, demonstrating its safety and effectiveness as an eco-friendly material.

Key Features of BioPoly™ Vinyl What Features It Has Compared With PVC?

BioPoly™ Vinyl offers an innovative solution to meet the growing demand for sustainable hospitality options. Crafted from 100% oxo-biodegradable PVC material, they decompose naturally without emitting harmful gases.


Engineered to biodegrade in landfill environments, BioPoly™ Vinyl cards actively minimize waste accumulation and environmental pollution, aligning with eco-conscious practices.


Despite their eco-friendly composition, BioPoly™ Vinyl is exceptionally durable and reliable just like PVC, ensuring a long service life without compromising on quality.

Certified Green

Our BioPoly™ Vinyl RFID cards are certified by RoHS and REACH, two important certifications that signify our commitment to environmental sustainability and product safety.

BioPoly™ Vinyl Applications

Hotel Key Cards

Public Transportation


Printing and Customization Services Tailored to Your Vision, Crafted with Precision.

We Offer a Range of Options to Customize and Showcase Your Hotel's Identity. Let Your Card Reflect Your Unique Style!

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