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Browse our vast selection of in-stock CR80-sized RFID Cards, priced competitively with priority worldwide shipping.

Custom RFID Tag Solution

Discover tailored RFID Tag Solutions, featuring pre-printing and bespoke tag dimensions. Choose from an extensive selection of RFID or NFC chips.

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MIFARE Classic®

ISO/IEC 14443-A


ISO 15693 / NFC Forum Tag Type 5 


ISO 14443-A / NFC Forum Tag Type 2 


ISO 14443-A / NFC Type 4 

Custom RFID Tags Discover Our Unique RFID Tag Solution

RFID silicone wristband

RFID Silicone Wristband

Event & Cashless Payment

The RFID silicone wristband is easy to wear, easy to use, waterproof, moisture-proof, and high temperature resistant. It can be used in access control systems, event tickets, gym memberships, etc.

RFID keyfob


Access control & Identification

The ABS RFID key fob is housed in durable ABS material. It is specifically designed for various applications, including access control, loyalty programs, and personal identification.

NFC Garment Badge

Interactive & Social Engagement

The interactive NFC garment badge, which can be heat-pressed into clothing,  provides the digital environment to combine the physical products with a secure & interactive application.

NFC garment-badge

RFID Industrial Tag

Asset & Inventory Tracking

The industrial RFID tag is a device with excellent heat resistance and IP68 compliance, designed specifically for applications that are used in high-temperature industrial environments.



Real-Time Asset Visibility

RFID LED tags combine UHF RFID technology with LED indicators for real-time asset visibility, which can help improve inventory management, logistics, and more.

Google-review stand

Google Review Cards

Fast & Easy Feedbacks

NFC cards or stickers that are used for review on Google, we provide Google review stand, Google review cards, and Google review stickers for your options. Customized printing is available.

RFID Cable Tie Tag

Asset & Inventory Tracking

RFID chips are built into cable ties for managing business assets, industrial equipment, retail goods, and more. The data inside the chip is detected by an RFID reader and transmitted to the system to control the required information. This small piece of RFID hardware is called an RFID cable tie tag.

RFID cable tie tag

Plastic Playing Cards

Durable & Flexible

Level up your card game with plastic playing cards! Explore waterproof, tear-resistant decks – available in non-RFID and innovative RFID versions for enhanced security or tracking.

plastic playing cards
rfid laundry tags

RFID Laundry Tag

Uniform & Linen Tracking

Durable RFID Laundry Tags: Withstand min. 200 washing & drying cycles. Track clothes, uniforms, or linens with ease.

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RFID Key Card

The Right Card for the Right lock

We are providing RFID key cards and key fobs for different Lodging Systems.